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APSA's 'core business' is workplace relations - in other words, the working relationship between employee and employer.

'Real estate' employees need to get hold of the right information, especially about matters like commission and bonuses, employment agreements, termination of employment and, where applicable, wages, leave entitlements, hours of work and allowances.

The best way to keep informed is to be an APSA Member.  APSA membership will ensure that you get a regular newsletter, as well as online information that non-members can't access.

A regular APSA Member Update (click here for a sample) usually deals with 'meaty' issues - unlike many newsletters, there very little 'feel-good' in it - but it's easy to read, and its information could save you a lot of heartache, especially in terms of securing your entitlements.

So keep informed, by becoming an APSA Member!

APSA also recognises the need for employers to have access to reliable workplace relations information.

Employers can keep informed by becoming members of the relevant real estate employer association.

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