How APSA can assist employees

Real Estate Sales & Property Management Employees

Real estate salespeople and property management employees are entitled to assistance from APSA in establishing a written agreement.  This assistance extends to any Personal Assistants who are classified under the Real Estate Industry Award 2010 as either Property Management or Property Sales employees.

APSA Members

The APSA is always willing to discuss concerns about employment matters with any sales person or property manager, on a confidential basis.

Non-APSA Members

Non-members are entitled to obtain advice, but no other assistance, in the resolution of any dispute with an employer.  However unless someone is a APSA member before a dispute arises, advice is the only assistance we guarantee.


In cases where employment has been terminated by the employer an employee should

  1. read the termination clause in the relevant award
  2. ascertain from the award whether the employer has observed the required period of notice and/or provided the prescribed compensation.

If the employee:

  • concludes that the termination was wrongful
  • believes that they were 'forced' to resign
  • is concerned that the notice and/or compensation requirements have not been met by the employer,

we would suggest as follows:

  • APSA members should make direct contact
  • non-APSA members should contact the Fair Work Ombudsman, their solicitor or an independent industrial relations consultant.

Non-payment or underpayment of Wages, Commission, Allowances

APSA members only who believe they have not been paid correctly should contact APSA's National Workplace Relations Officer, providing the following information:

  • name, address and contact details for themselves
  • personal name, company name (e.g. ABC Pty Ltd) and trading name (e.g. Joe Bloggs Real Estate) of the employer to which the complaint relates
  • employment start and finish dates
  • which party terminated employment (i.e the employer or the employee), whether this was done in writing or verbally, and the amount of notice given
  • how much the employee was paid in total during the period of employment
  • the amount, and date paid, for every wage and/or commission payment
  • whether or not any annual leave was paid and if so, how much
  • how much commission and/or wages you believe to be outstanding
  • any supporting paperwork, including copies only of:
    • employment agreements
    • Contracts of Sale the employee was party to
    • Appointments to Act the employee was party to
    • any advertising with the employee's name on it
    • your Certificate of Registration as a Salesperson or Real Estate Agent's Licence
    • business cards (include originals if you have spares)
    • letters of appointment and/or termination
    • anything else you believe may be relevant.

Please do not send APSA the original or only copy of any paperwork!

Once APSA has read the material, it will then make contact with you to discuss the matter further.

Please Note:  APSA will usually not contact an employer about a complaint without the employee's permission, and all such matters are treated with the strictest confidence.

APSA Membership

For all states Membership inquiries, please phone the Queensland Secretary Tom French - 0419 787 526.

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