Real Estate Industry Award 2010

The Real Estate Industry Award 2010 applies to:

  • property management employees
  • property salespeople
  • strata & community title management employees.

It was approved by the Australian Industrial Relations Commission (now the Fair Work Commission) on 4/12/2009.  This award:

  • is based on a 'consent' award developed by the real estate unions and a real estate employers' consultative group during 2009
  • covers those employees engaged in property management, property sales or strata & community title management
  • applied to employees from 1 January 2010
  • must be read in conjunction with the new National Employment Standards (NES).

The Real Estate Industry Award 2010 adopts the minimum provisions of the federal workplace relations legislation and, just as importantly, is finely-tuned to the needs of the real estate industry.


Real Estate Industry Award 2010 (as varied) FWO Pay Guide Property Sales Ex-NAPSA
Deputy Prime Minister's letter FWO Pay Guide Property Management Ex-NAPSA


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Agreements by REPSA | For 'National System' employers (i.e. all except non-corporations in WA)

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