APSA Queensland Branch

Queensland Branch

The Queensland Branch of APSA was originally the Property Sales Association of Queensland (PSAQ), which was a state-, and then federally-, registered trade union, representing those employed in the real estate industry in Queensland.  The state PSAQ was established in 1974 to provide industry-based industrial representation for real estate salespeople (which under Queensland law, includes property management employees).

From its inception, the PSAQ was instructed by its membership to 'maintain the status quo' in terms of employment arrangements, whereby the majority of sales people were employed on commission only.  In 1994, however, a 'mainstream' union sought to take over coverage of the industry, and to introduce a very inflexible award.  In response, the PSAQ was reinvigorated and a new committee formed in 1995.  The PSAQ then surveyed its membership, seeking instructions as to what employment arrangements the industry now wanted.

There was overwhelming support given to introduction of an award, as long as it reflected the unique relationship that exists between employers and employees in the industry.  The desire was that there be:

  • a 'safety net' for people who were new to the industry (in terms of a guaranteed income)
  • for those who so choose, the opportunity to earn over and above the minimum income.

Key milestones:

  • 1995: PSAQ revitalised
  • 1996: Property Sales award approved for real estate salespeople & property managers in Queensland
  • 1997: First-ever traineeship for real estate salespeople & property managers
  • 1999: Property Sales award revised in to give greater protection to commission earnings
  • 2001: The subject of long service leave was effectively resolved
  • 2001: Successfully lobbied government for minimum entry-level training for property managers & real estate salespeople
  • 2002: First-ever Property Management award was introduced
  • 2005: Both Property Management & Property Sales awards extensively revised
  • 2005: Established Queensland Property Industry Registry to register employment agreements
  • 2006/2007: Established Real Estate Industrial Group to lobby Federal Government
  • 2007: Successfully lobbied Australian Fair Pay Commission for introduction of a commission-only pay scale
  • 2009: Successfully negotiated the (federal) Real Estate Industry Award 2010.



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