What Members Say

The key role of APSA is to represent members.  Read what some have had to say:

David Walker

"Almost one year has rolled around since we first crossed paths, bringing forth membership renewal.

What a year that was!  With massive outlay by yourself and APSA, you relentlessly secured an astounding victory for me and righted a very real wrong.

For that I am forever grateful.  The greatest way I could honour APSA would be ongoing membership, yet these days I do not seek to work for an agency and am now well through my ... degree which may open different doors.  I'm unsure therefore that membership, except to show honour, is practical; yet if ever my employment circumstances align me to an arrangement with a principal, I will apply for membership immediately, well ahead of trouble.

I hope this might meet with your understanding and that it is clear how important showing honour to APSA and yourself is to me, in light of all you did for me.  Of course, I'm open to any advice to you may have regarding how I see my position.

Meanwhile, I forever admire your industry presence and the way you looked out for me, a new player."


"As a newcomer to the industry, I was unaware of the services available to employees afforded by Australian Property Services Association.

After several months of 'no pay' I was becoming despondent.  A colleague advised me that I should be paid a wage as I was not in a position to be paid on a 'Commission Only' basis.

I phoned the Real Estate Institute and was advised to contact Tom French at APSA to obtain accurate advice.

Tom assessed my situation and advised that I was entitled to wages and other entitlements.  I immediately became a member of APSA, Tom proceeded to contact the employer (who denied any liability) and subsequently represented me in a successful Magistrates Court Application to gain my entitlements.

I am forever grateful to APSA and Tom for the unrelenting effort and successful outcome of my claim.

I would advise ALL employees to become members of APSA so as to have the assurance of support, accurate information and representation if necessary regarding all employment matters."

Leah A

"Hi Tom

Thanks for a great result. You've done a terrific job and alleviated a lot of stress for me. I will most certainly let people know about your organisation and the great work done.

Best regards, Leah."

[Claim for approximately $6,500.00.  Settled in full by negotiation with employer.]

February 2014 [Name withheld until all matters finalised]

". . . I can highly recommend this organisation to anyone who is working in the real estate industry.

I had heard a whisper that my job was in jeopardy, so I rang ... to seek advice, and I was immediately put through to Barry Gannon. I explained to Barry in detail what was happening to me and he recommend a list of things to do to protect myself. I joined the union then and there and was extremely happy with all the support and sound advice I received.

The next day the whisper had turned into reality and I was terminated from my job. I again rang Barry and again received solid and sound advice. Barry was quick to assist and told me exactly what to do, handled all the technical jargon and information that was needed in my unfair dismissal case. It has now been finalised and I am very happy with the outcome and I know I would not have been so successful if I hadn’t engaged APSA.

They handled all the paperwork, the mediations, the conference calls and the negotiations and were there throughout the drawn out process . . . Barry in particular has a very intelligent way of handling these matters and for taking the emotion out of it, so the best game plan was always in place. I was constantly kept up to date via email and phone calls, and no decisions were made without my consent.

I would highly recommend the team at APSA, I feel confident about my career now that I have them to back me up when things go wrong as they often do in commission based wages in real estate.

Forever grateful."

Graeme Roberts

"Thank you very much for taking on my case. Robyn and I are very happy with the result. I cannot speak highly enough . . . a complex and difficult case and did a fabulous job.  . . . did not let up on them, besides that . . . kept us in contact all the time . . .."


Barbara Bankier

"Thank you for all your help. The money has now been deposited in my account.

I would be more than happy to recommend . . . the PSAQ.

Don’t forget, you helped with the pay in lieu of notice and holiday pay which they were not going pay either. You have saved me thousands of dollars. Thank you."

Skip Callinan

Testimonial (Skip Callinan) 100608a.pdf

Eileen Ripley

"I have been in the real estate industry in Queensland since 1992 and prior to that in New South Wales.

Many years ago I discovered the PSAQ and joined as a member.  I can only say that without the PSAQ life in real estate would have been very traumatic at times.  You know, it does not matter how nice or friendly an employer can be, when it comes down to the dollar or bullying employees, there is nowhere to turn for the sales person unless you want to spend thousands of dollars on lawyers who would not be nearly as proficient as you are.

Over the years you have represented me several times to recover commissions owing, inappropriate court action taken by an employer who tried to enforce an unfair contract upon me whereby that employer took action against me in court to recover advertising monies that the agency had spent on a property belonging to a client and a couple of other matters where you represented me in the Industrial Court.  You have recovered many thousands of dollars in commissions on my behalf and have successfully had the advertising case thrown out of the Magistrates Court because it should have been heard in the Industrial Court due to an unfair employment contract.  Subsequently the employer withdrew the action.

More recently I found myself in a positon where my employer threatened to terminate my employment for no apparent reason.  A telephone call from you, making the position of the PSAQ crystal clear, resulted in apologies and no action taken.

I find that in this industry there are good and bad employers but it really doesn't matter how good they are, a sales person's income and working conditons are always at risk.  I rarely worry about anything relating to these matters because I know that I have the PSAQ behind me at all times and a phone call is all it takes to get the ball rolling quickly, and Barry, you are always right there, if need be you drop what you are doing if the matter is urgent. 

Thank goodness that you were there for me on all of those occasions and represented my interests.

The PSAQ has been responsible for recovering tens of thousands of dollars on my behalf and saving me much stress and heartache. 

I cannot understand why each and every real estate employee in this industry is not a member of the PSAQ.  The membership fee is a pittance and fully tax deductible.  I would say to those who are not members to join NOW because, believe me, your time will come when you need help and if you are not a member of the PSAQ, where can you turn to?  The answer is NOWHERE!

Thanks again Barry and all the wonderful staff that you have there.  That's another thing, each and every person at the PSAQ is compassionate, competent and helpful.  Nothing is ever too much trouble."


"Barry . . . has meant more than just been my union representative.  I was bombarded with unnecessary pressure, unfair play at work which affected my health, well being and family.

Thank you to Barry, who acted and guided me through the darkest hours and eventually I was able to work through and regain my personal confidence.  I would recommend any new property sales and apprentices to join the association.  There is too much to thank . . ."


"Congratulations on a mammoth job well done, I am sure people in our industry will benifit in many ways from your dedicated efforts to protect us from loss of income in so many aspects that can & do occur.

On a personal level.  I wish to thank Tom & Barry for assisting me in a successful claim against a former employer who deliberately set about to cause me loss of income.

I trust that the actions . . . work towards bringing the rogue principals in our industry to correct their bad behaviour for the benefit of future employees."

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